About Jump Start Kitchen

Jump Start Kitchen started ten years ago with the launch of Brendan McCarthy’s Jump Start Juice 7 Day Weight Loss Program. Brendan’s juice diet proved an immediate success worldwide and especially across South America, Africa and Australasia.

The many messages of thanks Brendan received from people all around the globe who had tried the Jump Start Juice Diet inspired him to continue to try and help people lead healthier lifestyles by introducing more varied diets that would appeal to more palates and were more culturally diverse. This led to the launch of Brendan’s Jump Start 7 Day Soup Diet just four years ago and, most recently, his Tutty Fruity Dessert Diet.

The Jump Start Soup and Dessert E-Book Diets have proven extremely successful in Europe and Asia as well, proving the Jump Start Kitchen provides a great way for anyone to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle in a short period of time, whatever their taste and dietary preference.

About The Author

Brendan McCarthy’s career in the Health & Fitness Industry started in 1989. He moved into the marketing side of the industry as his career progressed, which eventually lead him to becoming involved in the DRTV industry and founding his own company, Creative Nations International, Ltd. in 1998. This enabled him to follow his passion of inventing products for enhancing people’s lives. His products have sold millions of units worldwide and won numerous industry awards.

Brendan created his Jump Start Juice 7 Day Weight Loss Program in 2006. This grew into what we now know as his Jump Start Kitchen Diet Book Range, which has sold a million copies worldwide. But there is a very personal reason behind the passion which Brendan brings to these programs.

Brendan was only 16 years old when he tragically lost his big brother, Chris, to cancer. Chris was only 23 years old. 12 years later Brendan’s father was diagnosed with cancer as well. Brendan was determined not to lose another loved one to this disease, so he used his health and fitness expertise and researched extensively about how to fight back. He discovered the power of juicing.

Not only did juicing add many more years of active, happy living to Brendan’s father’s life, way beyond what the doctors had predicted, Brendan used it to transform his own lifestyle as well. And now he is happy to be able to share these secrets with you.