We understand you must have manyquestions running through your head like, “how can I lose so muchweight in such a short period of time and is it a safe thing to do?”Don’t forget, our diets’ author, Brendan McCarthy, regularlyfollows these diets and is a living testimony to their safe,successful results. You can also read the Success Stories of many other people who have shared their JumpStart Kitchen Experiences.

Q: Is losing alot of weight in a short period of time bad for you?

A: This is a verygood question. We completely agree that most diets are short term,quick fixes based on a principle of depriving the body in one way oranother, often in a most unnatural manner, and can be bad for you.Our Jump Start Kitchen Diet Programs, however, represent a newapproach to weight

loss. Instead ofdepriving your body they provide you with Mother Nature’s purestform of nourishment in a safe, natural way that supports your bodythroughout the entire seven day cleansing process.

Q: Are theJump Start Kitchen Programs fasts?

A: Yes and No.
“Yes,” because the word “fast” means to abstain fromsomething for a period of time. This could be anything from food,alcohol, cigarettes, to giving up meat, speaking, watching TV, oranything else.

During the JumpStart Kitchen Diet Programs you are abstaining from eating wholefoods.

“No,” becauseyou are getting far more nutrition than you would be normallyreceiving from a normal day of eating.

Q: Will I feelhungry?

A: You mayexperience a sensation of hunger for the first day or two. Afterthat, your body’s metabolism switches over to the burning of fatsand the sensation of hunger tends to be diminished or go awaycompletely.

Q: Will I betired, sick or weak?

A: Energy levelswill vary greatly between individuals. Some people may experience asurge of energy after a few days, while others continue to have lowenergy as the body turns its energy inwards to heal itself. There maybe one or more occasions when experience flu-like symptoms, possiblyeven a brief, moderate fever. This is an important part of theprocess of detoxification.

Q: Will I gainall my weight back after the Jump Start Program?

A: Because thebody’s metabolism slows down during the seven days, it isrelatively easy to regain some of your weight back after the program.Maintenance of weight loss depends on lifestyle change. Most peopleare overjoyed by what they lost during the Jump Start 7 Day Programand are determined to not regain that weight.
The simple answeris, it’s really up to you. If you reintroduce your now clean, lean,youthful body back to the empty, dead, processed and junk foodlifestyle you once lived, then yes, the weight will happily comeback.
Jump Start Kitchen 7 Day Program are not quick fixsolutions. It is about new beginnings where anything is possible.

Q: Will Ibecome protein deficient?

A: There has been amyth created that we get protein only from meats, poultry, seafoodand dairy products. However, nothing could be further from the truth.A lot of fruit and vegetables have an even higher, first-gradecontent of protein than the food mentioned above. Some of thestrongest mammals on this planet, such as oxen, horses, rhinocerosand elephants, survive solely on foods from a plant source. Thesilverback gorilla is one of the strongest mammals in the world,pound by pound, they have

three times themuscle mass and are thirty times stronger than humans. The silverbackgorilla can bench press an equivalent of 1818.18 kgs (4000 lbs) -- itis a vegetarian. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about becomingprotein deficient. You will receive more than enough protein tofunction efficiently during the program.

Q: Will thisprogram shrink my stomach?

A: From years ofovereating, the muscles supporting the stomach lose their naturalelasticity and get stretched out of shape. The Jump Start 7 DayPrograms help recover the stomach’s natural elasticity, giving youback your flat stomach. You will be satisfied with eating less food,and your stomach will be in proportionate size to your body’sneeds.

Q: Can Iexercise while I am on these programs?

A: We recommend youget as much rest as possible during your chosen Jump Start KitchenProgram.

The majority ofpeople will experience an abundance of energy, but we still recommendholding back from exercising too much. Instead, store your energy andsave it for your body’s reserves to aid in the detoxificationprocess. If you are reasonably fit and healthy and strongly feel aneed to exercise, you can do stretching exercises, deep breathing,rebounding on a mini trampoline, walking, or light jogging. Do try toavoid intense physical activity, such as training with heavy weightsor high-impact aerobic exercises. You may also want to try yoga asthis is an excellent way to stretch the body and help loosen uptoxins stored in the muscles and joints, plus it also flushes themetabolic waste from the lymph and cells. Therapeutic massages arealso recommended.

Q: How muchweight will I lose?

A: The weight youlose during the Jump Start Kitchen Programs depends a lot on the sizeof your body and whether you are overweight or not. Weight loss canbe as high as 1.82 kgs (3 to 4 lbs) per day, much of it water. As youcontinue the program, the average loss will decrease to one pound perday. Some people more, some people less.

Q: Should Icontinue with my medication?

A: Yes, unlessotherwise advised in consultation with your doctor. It is possiblefor some fruits and vegetables, such as grapefruit, to interact badlywith certain prescription drugs, which is another reason why youshould consult your doctor regarding the effect this program may havewhen combined with your medication. Many people successfully do thisprogram while on medication.

Q: Will ithelp me stop smoking and curb my caffeine addiction?

A: Definitely! Theelimination of stored nicotine and caffeine toxins from your bodywill curb your craving for cigarettes and coffee. We have hadcountless reports from people all around the world who have tried foryears to give up smoking, and were surprised at how effortless andeasy it was to break the habit after completing one of our Jump StartKitchen Programs.

Q: What do youdo with the left over fruit and vegetable fiber/pulp?

A: There are manydifferent things you can do with the leftover pulp. You can use it asa base for pasta sauces, soup, fruit cakes and even jam. You can useit as a supplementary feed for your dogs and other pets, plus it alsomakes an excellent compost for your garden and plants. With a littleimagination, you will easily find even more uses.

Q: What do Ido once I have completed the 7 days?
A: Congratulations oncompleting your 7 day weight loss program! Brendan provides usefultips on what to do for the next few days after you have completedyour chosen Jump Start Kitchen Program in each of his diet books. Wealso recommend that you try another one of our Jump Start KitchenPrograms to help you maintain your healthy new lifestyle.