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Success Story – Victoria – Barcelona, Spain

My excess weight made me irritable, moody and self conscious. I had to drink three cups of coffee before I could start the day. I was ashamed to meet new people because i knew i looked fat. But after the Jump Start Program, I felt this amazing change! I feel so good about myself. I dont need coffee to kick start my day anymore. And the great thing is I lost more weight than I could imagine in just seven days! Continue Reading

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Success Story – Carlos de los Santos, Philippines

Carlos’ energy level is at an all-time high . . . It’ s a mazing! I have los t 10 lbs / 4.55 kgs and four inches off my waist. I not only feel good, I feel younger and stronger too. Now I feel like I’ m the Energizer bunny— I can go on and on and on . . . My energy level is at an all- time high and so is my confidence and self-esteem. My wife noticed the positive change and she wants to get into the program too! With th is program, I am assured of good health through a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. Here’ s to my future. Thank you Brendan! Continue Reading