Liquid Sunshine Diet

Brendan McCarthy’s New Liquid Sunshine Diet

The Jump Start Juice Program helped you lose weight fast safely in just 7 days. One of the most common questions Brendan gets asked is, “what do I do now I have completed the 7 days?”

The simple answer is, “the Liquid Sunshine Diet.”  It adds healthy living to your lifestyle by harnessing nature’s number one life source, the sun, and adding it to your regular diet.

The Benefits of the Liquid Sunshine Diet

Here are just 3 of the extremely easy ways The Liquid Sunshine Diet will transform your health and life.

  1. Helps eliminate your negative cravings for junk food, alcohol, smoking, etc.
  2. Provides safe weight loss, detoxification, a stronger immune system, more energy and a more vibrant skin complexion.
  3. Serves as a wonderful maintenance diet and can be taken in conjunction with any other diet. You don’t have to adjust your lifestyle at all!

Brendan’s Message

I guarantee you’ll see improvements when you start my new Liquid Sunshine Diet. You’ll feel revitalized with increased energy and have more mental clarity. Your excess body weight will drop and muscle mass will increase. Your entire system will work smoothly, bowel movements will be regular, menstruation will be less painful, aches and pains will diminish and infections will be healed. As well as that you’ll have brighter eyes, glowing skin and softer hair. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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Here’s to a Better, Happier, Healthier You!


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